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Driving Lessons

16-17 years old, and adult learner's permit program (GDL)

New Jersey law states students 16 years of age are required to have a state licensed driving school purchase the learner's permit for them. Parental consent is required. Students must pass a state approved written exam given in high school or at the Motor Vehicle Commission's office. Students must also pass a state approved eye exam before they can begin their mandatory 6 hours of behind the wheel driving lessons.

Driving lessons include:

•  Door to door service
•  Explain the dashboard instrumentation, controls and driver safety features inside the car
•  Teach students the rules of the road on our North Jersey streets
•  Explain street signs, signals and ground markings
•  Practice starting, stopping, and accelerating smoothly
•  Intersections (right of way, pedestrians)
•  Explain and practice the fundamentals of turning
•  Reverse driving safety
•  Parallel parking (between traffic safety cones, afterwards between parked vehicles)
•  K-turns
•  Highway driving (entering, lane changing, exiting)

Student Requirements

•  Completed permit application (green card)
•  Original passport, green card or birth certificate
•  Original social security card
•  High school blue card (proof student passed written exam)
•  If the student has failed the written exam in school, the test must be repeated at an NJ Motor Vehicle Commision's office
•  Contacts or eyeglasses if needed to pass eye exam
•  $10 cash or check made payable to the NJ MVC (separate fee)
•  Click on the links below for more information from the NJ Motor Vehicle Commision:
•  The young adult road
•  6 Point ID Verification Program (pdf)

Adult licensed driving lessons

If you are a currently license driver, (valid New Jersey or International driver's license), you could still benefit from our NJ driving school. Let one of our New Jersey state certified driving instructors help you enhance your defensive driving skills. Whether you need help parallel parking, highway driving or help parking in a parking lot at the mall, we can custom tailor driving lessons to your exact needs.

Driving lessons include:

•  Door to door service
•  Customized driving lessons
•  Review street signs, signals and ground markings
•  Improve starting, stopping, turning, and accelerating
•  Intersections (right of way, pedestrians)
•  Parallel parking between parked vehicles
•  K-turns
•  Reverse driving safety
•  All aspects of highway driving

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